Travel Agent Awareness: What Do You Know?

Good morning!…or Afternoon, or Evening depending on what time of the day you are reading this post. 😀  Well, today kicks of a full week of Travel Agent Awareness posts focused for the many of you who do not know how a Travel Agent works and how beneficial we are to your travel planning life.

I am a #TravelAgent Professional, first introduced into the Travel Industry in 1984.  As the Owner of TLC Travels’ Tours and Cruises, now at an age and stage in this profession which allows me to offer Boutique-style or destination specific Travel planning and booking services.

So, what do you know about Travel Agents? If you have ever wondered: How we work? How do we get paid for our services and more importantly, “What are the benefits to establishing a professional working relationship with a Travel Planner who you can trust and rely on to handle all of your Travel needs and more?”, please pay close attention to Social Media this week. You will find posts tagged #TravelAgentAwareness that will answer all of these and many other questions all over Facebook and Twitter specifically, about the importance of a having a #TravelAgent in your #Travel planning life.

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Today’s Blog pick comes from The Enchanted Traveler:

10 FAQs About Travel Agents

10. Why should I book with you instead of one of the big online sites?

When you book online, you get a very DIY experience. You’re on your own completely. Will the website know that you hated that one hotel because you were stuck in a room next to the ice machine? Will it know that your kids really would prefer an active kids club? Will it know that your husband is a foodie? Will it tell you that the gorgeous beach pictured in the photo was pretty 5 years ago when that photo was taken but now it’s been eroded and is full of seaweed? Nope. If you have a question, can you call the 800 number, ask the question, then call right back when you remember something else and talk to the same nice person? Not likely. No, you’ll get a call center, probably in India, with a different person each time, who may or may not care about your question and really has no investment in how much you enjoy your vacation. Will they know which activities to recommend and offer to book them for you? Will they make sure you got all your documents and contact you with any changes that happen before your trip? Will they go to bat with you if your flight gets canceled or drastically changed or if your hotel room is not the category you were promised? Will they actually care about you and your family personally? Well, there you go. The difference is, I will. I am not a computer program or a call center in India. I am YOUR travel consultant, and I care very deeply that you get the vacation that YOU want.


Are you still traveling without benefit of a trusted Travel Professional who has your back before, during and after your trip???  Well, I sincerely hope not. If you have not already established a working relationship with a Travel Advisor that you can trust and rely on, I invite you to contact us for your Travel planning needs.  2017 is knocking at the door. Do not risk traveling anywhere in the world without the security of a known Travel Professional you can call by First and Last name from your saved ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts list.

Tina Little-Coltrane: Owner/Travel Coordinator at TLC Travels’ Tours & Cruises!