Budgeting for Your Very First Cruise? : See “What’s Not Included”.

Just in case you were working on your travel budget today as a 1st timer to Cruise Vacationing, here are a few “What’s Not Included” tips for you to consider :–>

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To Travel or Not to Travel? A cause for concern question for many Mosquito Magnet Travelers

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post: “Mosquito Magnet! Yes, that would be me!”, I must add with all humor aside, the mention of some serious concerns that are increasingly circulating in the media regarding disease carrying Mosquitoes, specifically one being the Chikungunya Virus carried via Mosquitoes around many places including the Islands of the Caribbean.

As a self labeled “Mosquito Magnet” and for others like me, we are placed at a much higher risk for contracting one of these afflictions due to the fact that Mosquitoes, for whatever reason, are drawn to us at increased rates.  Our susceptibility to contracting these virus’ does not only occur when we travel, it’s a real situation for us in any warm climate destination where Mosquitoes habitate.  Of course, any place that has been classified as a serious outbreak area is a reason for pause and serious consideration that begs to question, “Do I really need to be traveling to that destination now?”.



Speaking for myself personally, I love the Caribbean Islands and the thought of not going back to any one of my favs because of a mosquito, well, that’s just not going to happen! Travelers should heed to precautions while keeping themselves aware of any potential health risks for anywhere they want to travel to.  If/when the decision is made to travel to any specific high health risk area, I do recommend that you follow the CDC’s “Prevent Mosquito Bites” suggestions.
Understandably, the Caribbean Islands continue to be amongst some of the favorite places to vacation each year so travelers should be aware of growing concerns about Mosquitoes so be sure to thoroughly review Chikungunya in the Caribbean on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Website as well.

Protect Yourself_Mosquito Bites


Lot’s of research has been happening for a while now on this problem of Diseases carrying Mosquitoes that seems to be growing year after year,…. “So: Why haven’t we found a way to effectively kill mosquitos yet?”  – Great question to which the answer might be found in this TED talk!

via Hadyn Parry: Re-engineering mosquitos to fight disease | Talk Video | TED.com.

Re-Engineering Mosquitos to Fight Disease – TED Talks



Just how did Stella get her groove back? She went to Jamaica of course!!

Yes, she sure did!  That’s not the Hudson River providing the backdrop in this pic!  That’s the Island of Jamaica floating out in the Caribbean sea! (I’m not 100% sure but you get the point! 😉

Stella's Groove "Got" Back in Jamaica!!

Stella’s Groove “Got” Back in Jamaica!!

“How Stella Got Her Groove Back” a popular movie released in 1998 and based on the same titled novel written by Bestselling Author Terry McMillan tells the story of two long time friends, living separate busy lives, meeting up and experiencing #Jamaica at a critical time in life for each of them.  I won’t go into a long synopsis here as that has been done and done again so if you are not already familiar with the novel and/or movie, read about it here.

While thinking of destinations to promote for the upcoming 2015 Travel Season, my thoughts went to Jamaica of course and how this story of “Stella” touches on the unimaginable that happens when visiting the beautiful Island of Jamaica.  From adventure to relaxation, and/or cultural awareness to a Spiritual awakening,  Jamaica offers you countless opportunities to “Get All Right” however you need to accomplish just that.

So, is it about that time in your life for you to visit Jamaica?  Do YOU need to get your groove back?  Well, you know what they say; why rewrite the story? Do as the groove-backers have already done for “umteen” years now, plan to go to #Jamaica and now would be the perfect opportunity for you to do just that!!  Our Ladies Days Jamaica Getaway invites women from across the globe to experience Jamaica over Mother’s Day Weekend 2015.  This “Freestyle” group is open for booking to the young at heart seasoned traveler to the 1st time “going anywhere” travel late-bloomer.  Mothers and Daughters, BFF girlfriend groups and Solo/Single travelers are welcome to come to Jamaica to “Get Your Groove Back” or just “Get All Right” on a beautiful Caribbean Island.

“Freestyle” means you are free to “do-you” in whatever way you want and need to (law-abiding of course 😉 .  Whether your choice is to fellowship privately with your friends/family, experience new island excursions/tours or just to get some “me time” in with Spa pampering and Zen relaxation, your choices are endless at the Hilton Rose Hall Golf Resort and Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica!

You are invited to contact Tina at TLC Travels’ Tours and Cruises for more information and reservations!

Tina Little-Coltrane, Group Travel Coordinator – NCTina -aka- TLC

If You Knew Just How Short Your Life Is Going To Be, ……?

My question to you is: “If you knew just how short your life is going to be, would you make plans to #Travel?” This question was  prompted by a similar sentiment posted on a Tweet I read before going to bed last night.

I thought about this question again, 1st thing this morning upon waking and continue to ponder my answer as this day goes on.  Let’s not, for a minute or three, even take into the always important consideration of; if lack of money were not an object, how would you proceed with what you now know to be the remaining time left of your life?  What would you begin to do differently?  Where and what makes for the contents on your “bucket list”?  For me, the obvious goal would be to #Travel more and as often as possible. Maybe not the entire world but I want to make sure I visit places unknown to my five senses and a few other destinations I really feel a #Spiritual calling to revisit before I close my eyes that final time.  One said place is #Jamaica! I need to do this again a few more times before this life is done!

So, the original question still stands for your reflection: “How short would your life have to be to start living differently right now?”  Think about it for a while.  I’ll wait! 😉

TLC’s “Ladies Days” Jamaica Getaway 2015 and You Are Invited!  TLC Travels’ Tours & Cruises!