A Cruise Lover’s Tip on National Coffee Day!

Sapphire Princess Sunrise

Be sure to get up and catch Morning Sunrise. Much easier if you book a #Balcony, but still doable if you don’t. #SapphirePrincess

I Love Cruising almost as much as I love my Coffee so today on National Coffee Day (or tomorrow which is International Coffee Day), here is a quick tip for new cruisers;

Get up early in the morning around Sunrise 6am – 7am (you will be up and about with the ship’s cleaning crew) and grab your first cup of coffee or tea in quiet and #PEACE.  Watch and listen to the ocean and explore the ship before the real busyness and excitement of the day gets going! Try it on at least one morning of your cruise! You can THANK-ME later! 😀

Early Morning Coffee while cruising!

Enjoying my early morning coffee in quiet and #PEACE while cruising #CaribbeanPrincess #TLCTravels #TB

CaribbeanP Deck

Caribbean Princess prep team is up early readying the ship for the day. #TLCTravels

CaribbeanP Ship_Walk

An early morning stroll after Coffee on a quiet Cruise ship deck is the best way to start a Sea day!! #CaribbeanPrincess #TLCTravels

Just a #Coffee #Cruise Lover who enjoys early mornings at Sea! #PEACE #TLCTravels #TBT #CaribbeanPrincess

Just a #Coffee #Cruise Lover who enjoys early mornings at Sea! #PEACE #TLCTravels #TBT #CaribbeanPrincess #Plan2Travel!!


Yes, Please, Let’s Not Overlook The Importance of Traveling With Your Kids!

As much as I’ve already shouted from the rooftops, “#Plan2Travel”, I have also been a constant advocate to #Travel with your kids while they are young, mentally developing and learning how to be in this world.  I have also mentioned on several occasions that, I believe, Travel to be one of the best forms of education for anyone but especially a young impressionable mind. Whether it be to places near or far, my thoughts still remain the same on this issue: “Make Plans To Travel With Your Kids, While They Are Kids” is a memorable benefit to their upbringing that should not be missed!

As we approach another Holiday Season which will undoubtedly, yet again, be filled with an over indulgence of materialist spending, “show-boating” and nauseating urges to “keep up with the Joneses”, might I suggest that you try something different, more meaningful; Invest in long-lasting memories of happiness from travel experiences instead of pissing your money away on “stuff”.  Your future adult children will be so Thankful you did! – NCTina -aka- TLC

“Experiences matter more than material things. Here’s why – and how moms and dads can bank more moments that are rich rewards for you and your kids.”

via How Families Can Invest in Happiness Vs. Stuff.


Invest in memories of

“The idea of treasuring experiences over gifts is a lesson Buckley is trying to teach her kids.”

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Try Myrtle Beach in The Fall!

Just returned from a relaxing 4 day visit with Hubby and our two teens at Myrtle Beach, SC.  It’s been at least 4 years since our last visit so we decided to get in some end of the Summer family time at a destination not too far from our central NC home.  With only a 3.5 hr driving time from our corner of the world, Myrtle Beach was an easy, last-minute decision for us as we wanted something to do with this 2nd into 3rd week of October being Fall Break at the Community College where my son takes classes.

Families looking for an inexpensive beach getaway can certainly find all of the comforts of home at Ocean Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach.  I jumped on a great 35% off “Sunday Super Saver” Fall offer for one of their 3 bedroom angle units located in the South Tower!  I must say, we couldn’t be happier or more comfortable with the recently renovated, full kitchen amenities condo that we were assigned to on the 8th floor.  These angle unit, double balcony, 2 bathroom suites also come equipped with a Washer and Dryer which is a huge benefit for guests planning longer stays.  Another added plus is the on site buffet breakfast at $9.99 per person for those mornings that you just don’t feel like cooking (and I had a couple).  Hope you get Maggie as your waitress, she really is one of the best, very friendly and courteous.  Good Customer Service practices seems to be a dying life skill so #Thanks Maggie for keeping it alive!! We appreciated your professional kindness!

Being a Travel Professional, I am always looking to promote destinations and properties that I deem worthy of consideration for travelers and the Ocean Reef gets my vote.  Although the majority of reviews I read for Ocean Reef were positive, there were a few that were not,… which made me a little uncomfortable.  I knew that I had to go see and visit for myself to get the true picture.  A very important thing I have learned in my 20+ years in the Travel industry is that “different strokes for different folks” is a true statement of fact for travelers as well.  For the dissatisfied folks that are accustomed to a higher or more luxurious level of accommodation, sorry to know that you didn’t enjoy your time here but to the majority of other guests who came, experienced and plan on returning because they made it a point to #Enjoy the Ocean Reef Resort,… I’m right there with you!  This family friendly resort in Myrtle Beach, SC has officially been added to my recommendation list for group travel consideration. ~ TLC TravelS’ Tours & Cruises!


Checking out the Banana Boat Lounge at Ocean Reef, including those #NACHOS!! 😉

Visit our Photo Blog for more pics of Ocean Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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Oh, the life of a Travel Professional

Apparently, many have already discovered Ocean Reef Resort and have been returning for years.  Lots of Senior Couples can be seen enjoying their retirement life here (actually, all around Myrtle Beach) this time of the year.  To find out more about Myrtle Beach, SC and what all there is to do there, go to: Visit, Myrtle Beach!

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