Hello New Year 2016! Ready or Not…

It has been a minute or two since my last post. Like many others, I too have been dealing with #Life’s challenges and family health issues which absolutely brought me to my knees. Think I missed a few heartbeats over the last 30+ days too.

Anywhoo,… I am beginning to see the light at the end of this tunnel  and will be rolling back shortley.  Not sure just yet if I will be riding along on the same track as I did in 2015-(probably not) but 2016 is sure to bring a new way of being for me and I am ready to do and be the best that I can in this New Year 2016!  What about you?

Wishing you and yours a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year 2016! ~ #PEACE

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To Travel or Not to Travel? A cause for concern question for many Mosquito Magnet Travelers

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post: “Mosquito Magnet! Yes, that would be me!”, I must add with all humor aside, the mention of some serious concerns that are increasingly circulating in the media regarding disease carrying Mosquitoes, specifically one being the Chikungunya Virus carried via Mosquitoes around many places including the Islands of the Caribbean.

As a self labeled “Mosquito Magnet” and for others like me, we are placed at a much higher risk for contracting one of these afflictions due to the fact that Mosquitoes, for whatever reason, are drawn to us at increased rates.  Our susceptibility to contracting these virus’ does not only occur when we travel, it’s a real situation for us in any warm climate destination where Mosquitoes habitate.  Of course, any place that has been classified as a serious outbreak area is a reason for pause and serious consideration that begs to question, “Do I really need to be traveling to that destination now?”.



Speaking for myself personally, I love the Caribbean Islands and the thought of not going back to any one of my favs because of a mosquito, well, that’s just not going to happen! Travelers should heed to precautions while keeping themselves aware of any potential health risks for anywhere they want to travel to.  If/when the decision is made to travel to any specific high health risk area, I do recommend that you follow the CDC’s “Prevent Mosquito Bites” suggestions.
Understandably, the Caribbean Islands continue to be amongst some of the favorite places to vacation each year so travelers should be aware of growing concerns about Mosquitoes so be sure to thoroughly review Chikungunya in the Caribbean on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Website as well.

Protect Yourself_Mosquito Bites


Lot’s of research has been happening for a while now on this problem of Diseases carrying Mosquitoes that seems to be growing year after year,…. “So: Why haven’t we found a way to effectively kill mosquitos yet?”  – Great question to which the answer might be found in this TED talk!

via Hadyn Parry: Re-engineering mosquitos to fight disease | Talk Video | TED.com.

Re-Engineering Mosquitos to Fight Disease – TED Talks



A Mosquito Magnet, Yes That Would Be Me!

Once again, I’ve been MAULED,… by Mosquitoes!! Just got off the plane late last night from a “3 Caribbean Islands in 3 Days” familiarization trip and I’m scratching and aching in freezing cold North Carolina with irritations from no less than 20 Mosquito bites starting at the top of my head down to the sides of my feet!  😦  After a lifetime of dealing with this problem, I really would like to know; “What is the deal with Mosquitos ??” Why do they fly right past and over some folks just to make a Bullseye shot on me?!?!  I get it, that I really am a Mosquito Magnet, but WHY?!  😦

Out of at least 180 Travel Professionals, only about 10% of us were talking "Mosquito Bites" problems.

Out of at least 180 Travel Professionals, only about 10% of us were talking “Mosquito Bites” problems. While I had numerous bites, most others had not even one!

Mosquitos are very particular little creatures! They like what they like, are immediately drawn to a specific type of Molecular biology that has yet to be defined, well, to my satisfaction anyway.  This affinity that the mosquito has for me, (and that would be any mosquito, anywhere, not just in the Caribbean), leaving me with a “Kryptonite” type of effect has been a #PITA in my life since childhood!  Very similar to a Potato Chip where “you can’t eat just one”, the Mosquito cannot stop at just one bite of me either!  I am their “Free for all Buffet” with a shout-out to all family and friends to feast on!  I have to just about bathe in Bug Spray to make them stop! It’s nice to be loved but I wish the Mosquito would take me off of their “Gotta have me some of her” list!

Early Morning, day #3; Smiling but irritated by at least 15 bites at this point!

Early Morning, day #3; Smiling but irritated by at least 15 bites at this point!

So, as I go about my next few days of unpacking (and scratching), reviewing the multitude of pictures I’ve taken from this, yet another, fabulous trip to the Caribbean (and scratching) and other daily tasks of life while rubbing with more scratching of mosquito bites to satisfy these itching calls from all over my body, I just want to say to the Mosquito population;   This long-term, one-sided love affair you have going on with me is not appreciated! This “thing” you have for me really is getting old and sitting on my “piss’n me off” nerves at this point in my life.  Please cross the street, take another flight path and just miss me with all that love the next time I’m inside or outside of warm weather climate anywhere around the world!  Sincerely and Thank-You, Tina Little-Coltrane of TLC Travels’ Tours and Cruises!

SN: In spite of them dang Tina loving Mosquitos, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sandals Resorts over the last 3 days! I will be posting pics with reviews of my #3IslandsIn3Days trip on my photo blog soon so stay tuned! – #TLCTravels -aka- #NCTina