TLC TravelS’ Deposit Agreement

TLC Travels’ Tours & Cruises has pre-selected travel offers that are available for booking with us immediately with your required booking deposit payment.  You can find our pre-selected list of trips to consider booking via us on our Facebook “Events” page, on and on our Travel by TLC Blog. You may also contact us about booking any special offers and travel sales that we promote on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Plan “To Go” Deposit/Retainer Fee Agreement

If you are interested in another travel destination that you do not see on our pre-selected travel list or promotions, TLC Travels’ Tours & Cruises is available on a “Retainer” service fee basis for research and travel quotes for your customized Travel needs.  If you would like travel information from us, including package and cruise quotes for a private Group Travel event, please review the following information;

As Travel research is often times a very detailed and time-consuming process,  TLC Travels’ Tours and Cruises requires a Non-Refundable “Plan-To-Go” Deposit/Retainer Fee in order to begin research as per your specific travel inquiry.  The “Plan-To-Go” deposit is intended to be applied to the final payment portion of your Cruise and/or Air/Hotel or Rail package reservation that TLC Travels’ Tours and Cruises has booked for you, unless;

If the following happens where you decide:

  • A: Not to make travel reservations via TLC Travels’ Tours and Cruises within 30 days from the date of this agreement, and/or
  • B: To cancel reservations we have booked on your behalf (for any reason), the Non-Refundable “Plan-To-Go” deposit will then revert to our Retainer Fee for Travel consultation services rendered.

Required Non-Refundable “Plan-To-Go” Deposit/Retainer Fee Amounts:

  • Individual Booking: (up to 4 guests) Travel Inquiry = $150 per reservation
  • Group Travel Inquiry = $500 (16 Adults or more with children)

If you prefer, we can contact you by telephone for your Credit/Debit Card Payment info.  Also, If you are interested in booking one of our pre-selected travel offers (See our Travel By TLC Blog) fill out our “Reservations Request Form” and/or contact us via email to begin your reservations process.

Email us at: with your telephone contact info.