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Welcome! Let’s #Plan2Travel!! My name is Tina Little-Coltrane. I am a Travel Professional who wants to motivate you to GO SEE the world through my functions as a Travel #Blogger, Consultant/Owner and Promoter of Travel for Health & Wellness, Romance & Education, Adventure or Solitude at #TLCTravelS Tours & Cruises!

As a Boutique Travel Service and long time lover of Travel itself, our purpose is to showcase the beauty of world and how you can travel to experience some of it. Our goal is to help make your dream vacations to premium venues at luxury destinations happen for you via our Travel planning services or with your own preferred Travel Professional.

TLC Travels, Tours and Cruises’ mission is for you to realize the benefits that #Travel brings to your life with as little to no stress on you if possible from the planning aspect of it when you choose to work with a Travel Professional. TLC Travels manages all of the booking arrangements, travel and tour details, leaving you more time to dream about your trip of a lifetime before it becomes your reality!  Plan to travel via our travel agency services at TLC Travels’ Tours & Cruises!