Plan To Go Deposit Agreement

Plan To Go Agreement

Thank you for considering TLC Travels’ Tours & Cruises to assist with your Travel needs.

As Travel research is often times a very detailed and time-consuming process,  TLC Travels’ Tours & Cruises requires a Non-Refundable “Plan-To-Go” Deposit/Retainer Fee in order to begin research as per your travel inquiry.  The “Plan-To-Go” deposit is applied to the final payment portion of your Cruise and/or Air/Hotel travel package reservation that TLC Travels has booked for you.   Should you decide; not to make travel reservations via us within 30 days from the date of this agreement, and/or cancel reservations we have booked on your behalf, the Non-Refundable “Plan-To-Go” deposit will then revert to our Retainer Fee for Travel consultation services rendered.

Required Non-Refundable “Plan-To-Go” Deposit/Retainer Fee Amounts:

  • Individual (FIT) Travel Inquiry = $175 per reservation
  • Group Travel Inquiry = $500 (20 Adults minimum)

Mastercard and Visa Credit/Debit Cards Accepted: $ _________________ fee amount.

Name on the face of CC/DC: ___________________________________________________

Account #: _________________________________________ Exp Date: ____/____/_____

4 Digit Pin on the backside of your card: _______________

Billing Address: ___________________________________________  Zip: ____________

Cardholder’s Authorized Signature: ___________________________________________

Phone #: ________-________-__________ / Email: ________________________________

Please sign and date to signify your understanding and acceptance of our terms and conditions of our Non-Refundable “Plan-To-Go” Deposit/Retainer Fee agreement as specified above.  Thank-you for allowing TLC Travels’ Tours & Cruises the opportunity to plan and book your next dream travel experience.

Signature: __________________________________________  Date: ___________________

If you prefer, we can contact you by telephone for your Credit/Debit Card info: