Travel is Back and the Opportunity to Cruise Again Should be Back Soon Too!

People love to cruise, and are craving to get back to it. This is part of the reason that makes the cruise travel industry so resilient. We know that most cruise travel lovers will return to the seas as soon as the CDC- (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) admits that cruises too, can be made safe to do so, just as they have by allowing the return to restaurants, bars, trains, airplanes, resorts and other venues where people gather.

Please, keep these facts in mind as you consider booking your next cruise vacation.   

  • Cruise ships are cleaned and sanitized, under normal circumstances, with a frequency that is nearly unparalleled in other settings. 
  • Cruise ship crews regularly clean and sanitize surfaces known for transmitting germs multiple times a day, such as handrails, door handles, faucets, etc. 
  • Cruise passengers are reminded to wash their hands regularly and hand sanitizers are readily available in public locations throughout cruise ships. This is a known major factor as hand hygiene is critically important to protecting public health, which our public health officials have been reminding us of on a daily basis for some time now.  
  • Unlike any other travel provider, CLIA member cruise ships must be equipped with medical facilities that meet the standards set forth by the American College of Emergency Physicians, with doctors and medical personnel available 24/7 and the ability to isolate contagious passengers to minimize the risk to others onboard. 

Find examples of what a few of our favorite cruise lines are doing to prepare for a safe and healthy return to cruising for their passengers: 

Carnival Cruise Lines: Carnival is in the process of finalizing all required COVID-19 protocols for guests. Find more safety protocal information here including updates. 

Royal Caribbean International:  “We are currently laser-focused on additional safety enhancements for our return to service. To develop our future boarding screening process and updated health protocols, we are collaborating with government health authorities, the Cruise Lines International Association, and our own team of medical experts. Please know that every decision we make, and all of the fine-tuning we do, has your well-being in mind. We miss you – and can’t wait to welcome you back onboard.” 

Princess Cruises; The latest Princess Cruises’ news where you can find information regarding recent world health events surrounding COVID-19 and the impact to Princess voyages. 

Norwegian Cruise Lines: “Norwegian Cruise Line takes great effort in maintaining a safe and clean environment. We have stringent protocols in place for cleaning and sanitation on all of our vessels. According to CDC sanitation inspection reports over the last 10 years, Norwegian is one of the most hygienic cruise lines.”  

Celebrity Cruises: “We’ve been hard at work developing new health and safety protocols to keep you Healthy at Sea. We’ve partnered with medical and scientific advisors from our Healthy Sail Panel, our Global Head of Public Health and Chief Medical Officer; and local health and government authorities to guide us in the development of our protocols. These measures include reduced capacities, enhanced cleaning and sanitization and physical distancing. As we return to sailing, your health and safety remains our top priority.”  

These are indeed cautionary times for our health, safety and wellbeing throughout the world. We now have a whole new set of rules and regulations to follow as it pertains to living and traveling in wellness around the globe. TRAVEL IS BACK and Cruising again will soon be too. These are no longer the times for safe and stress-free DIY travel planning. Please, contact your preferred travel advisor for vacation planning and reservations assistance. #ReadySetSail #WeAreCruise #TLCTravels

Tina Little-Coltrane: Travel Agency Owner, Travel Advisor

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