Ready. Set. Lets GO JAMAICA!!

As of Monday June 15th, Jamaica reopened it’s borders to international travelers. The past few months have indeed been hard on all of us. So, finding ways for healthy living with COVID-19 which includes proactive practices for us to remain safe and responsible while traveling is a must. Jamaica is now ready with a plan of action to do just that!


In Phase 1, which runs from June 15 – 30, all travelers should be aware of changes in the entry requirements. All persons intending to travel to Jamaica will now be required to secure a Travel Authorization form found and completed online. Also, as part of additional risk management measures, and to ensure that residents and visitors stay safe, Jamaica will require all high-risk passengers, upon arrival, to submit to a mandatory PCR-(nasal) swab-test. All persons arriving from countries where there is high community transmission will be tested.

Just to reiterate, the new procedures for travelers arriving in Jamaica are as follows:
  • Secure approval online for the Travel Authorization. This is to be completed within 72 hours of checking in. This is a requirement for checking in for your flight.
  • Passengers are encouraged to purchase appropriate travel insurance for their journey. TLC Travels’ Tours & Cruises can assist you with this too.
  • Wear face masks and practice physical distancing throughout the journey.
During the Flight
  • Follow the protocols established by the airline for a comfortable flight to Jamaica.
  • Practice physical distancing and good hand hygiene to the extent possible.
Upon Arrival
  • Wear face mask in all public spaces while in Jamaica.
  • Have Travel Authorization available for the Health and Immigration Officials.
  • Be prepared to follow the instructions of these Officials.
  • Proceed through immigration, customs and transfer to your Hotel/Resort accommodation where you will “Stay in Place”, typically 24-48hrs, while awaiting your test results.

Again, this applies to Phase 1 of the reopening and runs to June 30. More information for future travel dates will be shared as it becomes available.


Thank you for your love, interest and tourism support of this beautiful Caribbean island and people of Jamaica!

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Tina Little-Coltrane : Agency Owner and Travel Advisor