Going on vacation? Don’t be afraid or overconfident about coronavirus

“The new reality’ of vacationing: Don’t be afraid but don’t be overconfident, either,… be sure to Work with a PROFESSIONAL #TravelAgent when planning & booking your next trip!!
“A #Travel Advisor pro will help prepare you for your #vacation experience with the latest information. We’ll ensure you choose a financially solvent travel company that won’t go bankrupt halfway through your trip.” A competent agent will also be your travel advocate that can also hold your hand and resolve any travel problems before, during & after your trip.

“Now more than ever, a trusted travel adviser can help you navigate all the considerations that go into planning a trip that revitalizes rather than drains you during these trying times,” says Rachel Dicker, a Virtuoso-affiliated travel adviser from Austin, Texas.

via Going on vacation? Don’t be afraid or overconfident about coronavirus