On my Soapbox,… Again, About Travel Insurance!

Most who have had any Travel dealings with me already know this, I am a huge advocate for Travel/Trip Insurance! Folks who have not yet dealt with me personally may also know my stance on this issue since I have touched on this topic before so this should be no surprise, here I go again!

It is my truth and honest opinion that in this day and time of 2015, U.S. citizens should not be traveling anywhere internationally without Trip/Travel Insurance.  If you, as an uninsured traveler cannot withstand the financial blow of a potential hardship if something devastating happens before or during your trip, please rethink your options.  If you cannot afford or just won’t purchase (for no other reason than being “cheap”) the approximate +/-$100 to pay for an insurance plan, you just may want to consider staying home.

The following are the 2 most asked questions that I get when quoting Travel Plans from Travel Guard Insurance.  Here is an excerpt from their FAQ insert:

Q. What else is typically included in a Travel Guard insurance plan?

A. In addition to trip cancellation and interruption, most travel insurance plans include coverage for trip delay, missed connection, baggage and personal effects, baggage delay, medical expense, and emergency evacuation which includes repatriation of remains. 24 hour assistance services are included to help the traveler with things such as emergency medical assistance, lost baggage tracking, emergency cash transfer, emergency or last minute travel arrangements, assistance with replacing lost travel documents, and much more.

Q. How does trip cancellation and interruption coverage apply?

A. It reimburses for forfeited, non-refundable, unused payments or deposits if the insured must cancel or interrupt their trip due to covered reasons. The interruption benefit may also include coverage for additional transportation expenses.

There have been several stories in the news recently about “unforeseen” incidents, accidents and sicknesses that have happened to travelers which resulted in disrupted travel plans.  Here is one of the latest:  “Family leaves on a #Cruise, gets stuck in Mexico when son gets sick from appendicitis.”


Such a nightmare for this family to endure.  Truth be told, situations like this happen much more than what is being shared in the news. If this family had their Passports and a Travel Insurance plan in place, this boy’s emergency appendicitis scare would not have even made the news.  Life happens even when we vacation so please do not let this happen to you.  If you are planning any type of travel, especially out of the United States, be sure to invest in an Insurance plan to protect your financial investment, financial future and Peace of Mind!