Mid-East Coast Cruisers have easier access to Carnival’s Fun ships thanks to Norfolk, Va.

Carnival cancels 2-night “Cruise-to-Nowhere” sailings creating a spiral effect of cancelled itineraries on other cruises for 2016!
Many Travel Professionals (including me) jumped into 1st gear yesterday as we worked to search, find and rebook our existing booked clients on other available Carnival sailings!

I’m not sure of all the particulars but apparentley, beginning in 2016, foreign-flagged cruise ships will no longer be able to sail itineraries that do not stop at a foreign port when departing from a U.S. port. Carnival Cruise Lines is acting in accordance with these new U.S. Laws and Regulations as it pertains to their recent itinerary cancellations and changes.
Welcome to the world of Cruise and Travel 2015!

TLC Knows About It! TLC TravelS!

I had the pleasure of attending one of Carnival Cruise Line’s luncheon and ship inspection gatherings held for Travel Professional’s a couple of weeks ago in Norfolk, Virgina. Here are a few highlights:

Half Moone Cruise Port Norfolk

Saturday, May 16, 2015: Carnival Splendor cruise ship, just recently docked, awaited our arrival as she was being prepped to return to sea at 5pm on a short, 2-night “Cruise to Nowhere”.  Our Carnival Cruise Line sales team had a set agenda and itinerary for us to follow with an anticipated start at 11am with cabin inspections, followed by lunch at 1pm and conclude by 3:30pm.  Well as things happen in life, the schedule got blown off track early on during our embarkation as something went awry with the returning cruiser guests’ debarkation process.  We could not get on the ship until everyone from the prior sailing got off the ship and that didn’t happen until about…

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