Experience a Brides Dress Rehearsal Event Before Your Destination Wedding by Karisma Resorts!

So you just got engaged! Well congratulations Wedding couples! I do suggest, if you have not done so already, for you to consider a Destination Wedding for your big day and now is the perfect time to get your planning underway.  Karisma Hotels and Spa Resorts hosts a Brides Dress Rehearsal event annually on specific dates and have recently announced the 2015 event schedule!

Karisma Resorts' Brides Dress Rehearsal Event

Karisma Resorts’ Brides Dress Rehearsal Event

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Karisma’s Management and Sales team members in Mexico last May during one of their Wedding University trainings held for Travel Professionals.  This trip included site and suite inspections at all of their El Dorado, Azul and Generations properties in and around the Riviera Maya area.  Food and wine pairings, a tour of their infamous Green Globe Certified Greenhouse as well as hands on training to experience the Gourmet Inclusive concept and how it’s incorporated into the Destination Wedding packages offered by Karisma.  One of the most interesting parts of this trip for me was having the opportunity to see what a potential Bride and Groom would receive when booking one of Karisma Hotels’ exclusive Memorable Moments Signature Wedding packages as well as the additional pre-wedding trip event, the “Brides Dress Rehearsal”.

Karisma Resorts' Gourmet Inclusive Wedding University Training in Mexico.

Karisma Resorts’ Gourmet Inclusive Wedding University Training in Mexico.

Every year, Karisma schedules specific dates for Wedding Couples to visit their properties prior to the wedding date.  During these 3-night visits, 2 people from the Wedding group (could be the Bride and Groom or her Mom) have the opportunity to sample food and wine, select their venue from choices of a Sky-(Rooftop), Beach, Chapel or Garden Gazebo Ceremony, select reception/dining decorations and meet with photographers as well as the entire Wedding planning team.

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Karisma’s Brides Dress Rehearsal 2015 Dates with a starting price of $399 for two people staying 3-nights:

Space is limited so I would highly recommend waiting to book any airline flights until your Resort accommodation dates have been confirmed by Karisma.  The Karisma Hotels family includes 4 El Dorado Spa Resorts which are Adults only properties, Azul Hotels and Generations Resorts. If you have not yet thought about a Destination Wedding, then you really should! From their Gourmet “All-Inclusive” concept to the numerous venue options to choose from, Karisma Weddings has something for every engaged couple to enjoy. Destination Weddings continue to grow in popularity each year so consider celebrating this special event in your life at one of nine luxury resorts in beautiful Mexico or at the Azul Sensatori Resort in Jamaica surrounded by some of your closest family and friends in the fabulous Caribbean.  Various Wedding packages as well as “Special Offers” are available to fit just about any wedding budget.

I have been privileged to attend a few on site trainings over the past almost 30 years and I must say that Karisma Hotels and Resorts is one of my all time favorite Travel Partner hosts.  Thank you to all of the Karisma team members for your hospitality and generosity while educating by indulging us in your Gourmet Inclusive “wonderfulness”!  TLC Travels’ Tours and Cruises gives Karisma Hotels and Spa Resorts our official “Gold Star” stamp of approval as one of THE destinations to recommend!  With a property suitable for every type of traveler, Adults only, Solo and families, makes their Exclusive Wedding Collection, “Memorable Moments”, an experience that every Wedding couple in 2015 should review for serious consideration.

To see more pics from our travels to Mexico, visit our Facebook Albums page.

Contact us for more Memorable Moments Destination Wedding by Karisma information. Tina Little-Coltrane: Group Travel Coordinator at TLC Travels’ Tours and Cruises!