A WELLNESS Retreat,…just what does that mean for you?

Increasing in popularity and awareness are the benefits of travel for your health and wellness but what exactly does that mean for you?  Where exactly will you need to go to achieve “your” optimum “wellness” results?

I pose this question because how/where that works for one guest does not necessarily guarantee a beneficial outcome for another. Not to worry though, as there are a variety of different venues set in various destinations throughout this big beautiful world where you are sure to find your Health and Wellness niche.

Let’s keep in mind for a minute that there are actually folks who “get well” from loud noisy, busy type adventure travel every year.  They need to go-go-go with lots of activity during the entire time of their trip.  Now we also have, way down on the other end of the spectrum (this is so me), other travel types who actually benefit from #PEACE and quiet.  Guests like myself love having 1, 2 or 3 days of doing absolutely nothing other than being pampered.  Here we have a classic case for the phrase, “Different strokes for different folks” which is not just an idiom, it’s a fact!  A Duck wading in calm waters is just as happy as a Squirrel jumping from tree to tree!  Two totally different paths leading to “Happy”.

My new tagline to overuse, on purpose, this upcoming year is “Freestyle Group Travel” just for this exact same reason.  My “Freestyle” travel theory allows for people to travel together with having the options to individually move in different directions to do what makes each one happiest while also traveling with the benefits of being within a travel group.  My mission moving forward is to promote and offer some of the best travel packages, including Cruises for a Health and Wellness Travel experience which ends with the word #HAPPY being at the top of my client’s description list.

So, what’s your preferred method of attaining Wellness when you Travel?  Is it in the traditional sense of attending a Wellness Retreat/Spa or is it through Adventure/activity Travel? Maybe, it’s somewhere in between the two.  There is only a “wrong” answer if you choose the venue that does not work well with your personality type as well as your likes and preferences.  Just be sure to “know thyself” before you book your Health and Wellness trip and examine all of your #Travel options. – #NCTina -aka- #TLC

Health and Wellness Travel

“Today, an increasing number of travelers are choosing holistic holidays that emphasize their interests in health, wellness and anti-aging. A visit to a wellness-minded retreat gives visitors the chance to unplug, unwind and undo some of the damage caused by everyday life.”

via Escape Magazine: Wellness Retreat, Rejuvenating Escapes