Thanks for the new WiFi@Sea Carnival, BUT…..

Thanks Carnival Cruise Lines, we do appreciate your efforts -BUT- many of us are just hoping that with this new WiFi@Sea wireless network that you have introduced on your ships for your passenger guests, will not also come any exorbitant fees attached in order to access it.

Not having reliable internet access in this day and age can actually be the tipping point to making for a not so great travel experience.  I really wish more Hotels and Resorts, including the floating ones (Cruiseships) would understand that.  “Unplugging” while on Vacation should be a personal choice and not forced upon us because the internet service is weak/too slow or that it costs too much to access it everyday.

Again, Thanks Carnival, I do think we are moving in the right direction with this new WiFi@Sea wireless network.  Now if we could finally get more #Free Wireless access when we Hotel and/or Cruise vacay, all would be right in the world,…of #Travel anyway! – TLC -aka- NCTina

Carnival Promises At-Sea Internet That Cruises

Carnival Promises At-Sea Internet That Cruises, WiFi@Sea