A Great Cruise Planning Guide and my take on DIY Travel Planning

Great thought-provoking and informative article on planning a #Cruise: The Everything Guide to Planning a Cruise

As I’m reading through this Cruise Guide on HuffPost Travel, I pause at the “How should I book my cruise” paragraph to reflect, as I usually do whenever reading “Why-you-really-need-a-Travel-Agent” type opinions and discussions on the net.  So, I just want to take a few minutes here to reiterate this point; unless DIY #Travel planning is your passion and/or you have lot’s of time on your hands for comparison #Cruise shopping, I highly suggest that you contact a professional Travel Consultant to book your cruise and other travel arrangements for you.  This needs to be someone you get to know on a 1st name basis, a reliable person who is going to be available for you, should you need them, before, during and after your trip.  And, if you are one of those who believe that they can find better pricing than a professional can, :-/ well, maybe you can but have you heard of “Price Matching”?  Many Travel professionals like myself work with booking affiliates that are very willing to match prices “apples to apples” for the exact same package you found quoted lower elsewhere.  Communication is everything, you just need to ask BEFORE you book your reservations.

Ask Your Travel Agent about Price Matching BEFORE you book it!

Ask Your Travel Agent about Price Matching BEFORE you book it!

My question to you is this, is your upcoming travel really all about the price and how “cheap” you can get it? Does having a service professional with their finger on the trigger who is ready, willing, trained and capable to assist you with your Travel related needs whenever you need them not mean anything to you?  Remember, you get what you pay for.

Just as you have established professional relationships with your Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Accountant, Hair stylist and/or Barber who specialize in a specific field and function, so should you have one with a Travel Agent/Advisor/Coordinator.  Establishing a solid relationship with a trusted, living, breathing Travel professional before you Travel is just like having insurance; It’s best to have it and not need it, then to need it while you’re out and about in this world and not have it”.

Keep Calm and Call Your Travel Agent,...if you have one!

Keep Calm and Call Your Travel Agent,…if you have one!

When and if the #$h!t hits the fan (and it often times does before or during your trip), you can’t keep calm and call your Travel Agent unless you already have one!  Why travel around this world without a professional support network when it doesn’t cost you anything more to have one in place before you go?  All you need to do is let YOUR Travel Professional handle your reservations for you.  Think about it! – #NCTina -aka_ #TLCTravelS

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