Yes, Please, Let’s Not Overlook The Importance of Traveling With Your Kids!

As much as I’ve already shouted from the rooftops, “#Plan2Travel”, I have also been a constant advocate to #Travel with your kids while they are young, mentally developing and learning how to be in this world.  I have also mentioned on several occasions that, I believe, Travel to be one of the best forms of education for anyone but especially a young impressionable mind. Whether it be to places near or far, my thoughts still remain the same on this issue: “Make Plans To Travel With Your Kids, While They Are Kids” is a memorable benefit to their upbringing that should not be missed!

As we approach another Holiday Season which will undoubtedly, yet again, be filled with an over indulgence of materialist spending, “show-boating” and nauseating urges to “keep up with the Joneses”, might I suggest that you try something different, more meaningful; Invest in long-lasting memories of happiness from travel experiences instead of pissing your money away on “stuff”.  Your future adult children will be so Thankful you did! – NCTina -aka- TLC

“Experiences matter more than material things. Here’s why – and how moms and dads can bank more moments that are rich rewards for you and your kids.”

via How Families Can Invest in Happiness Vs. Stuff.


Invest in memories of

“The idea of treasuring experiences over gifts is a lesson Buckley is trying to teach her kids.”

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