If You Knew Just How Short Your Life Is Going To Be, ……?

My question to you is: “If you knew just how short your life is going to be, would you make plans to #Travel?” This question was  prompted by a similar sentiment posted on a Tweet I read before going to bed last night.

I thought about this question again, 1st thing this morning upon waking and continue to ponder my answer as this day goes on.  Let’s not, for a minute or three, even take into the always important consideration of; if lack of money were not an object, how would you proceed with what you now know to be the remaining time left of your life?  What would you begin to do differently?  Where and what makes for the contents on your “bucket list”?  For me, the obvious goal would be to #Travel more and as often as possible. Maybe not the entire world but I want to make sure I visit places unknown to my five senses and a few other destinations I really feel a #Spiritual calling to revisit before I close my eyes that final time.  One said place is #Jamaica! I need to do this again a few more times before this life is done!

So, the original question still stands for your reflection: “How short would your life have to be to start living differently right now?”  Think about it for a while.  I’ll wait! 😉

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