“INSTEAD” of wondering when your next vacation is,…..” Whoa! What!??

So, I keep seeing this quote being shared on Social Media lately:-> “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from” and I’m thinking, “Huh?!?”  I’m just not understanding why someone would indicate that these two actions, (Planning to Vacation and Creating a happy life), would be mutually exclusive!  Since when did “wondering” or making plans for your next vacation mean that you haven’t or aren’t creating a stable, happy home or successful business life?  Really?  Just because someone wants to take a break, getaway or “escape” their daily life routines for a week or two each year? Hmmm…

I have read a few of Mr. Seth Godin’s inspiring quotes so I mean him no disrespect, actually am encouraged by what positive energy he is spreading throughout the world but “Everyone” doesn’t go on Vacay to “escape life”.  Honestly, I’m not even sure of how he intended the “instead” quote to be received but every time I see it, with shaking of my head and a frown on my face,… “What!?”.  I guess the issue that bugs me the most about this quote is the use of the word “Instead” and that the folks who are posting and agreeing with the quote, clearly, don’t understand the positive effects of Travel.  Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but as more and more people are continuing to discover the beauty of stepping out of their neighborhood/city/country boxes to explore this big beautiful world, many have implemented goals consisting of creating and living a life which INCLUDES the ability to plan and take annual vacations and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Get the #TravelEffect

Get the #TravelEffect #Plan2Travel

The major benefits created through Travel are just too numerous to name but here is a great perspective just in case you need a reminder.  A few obvious gems are; Family bonding and creating unforgettable memories as well as Couples rekindling and strengthening relationships and committments to one another. Mental and physical health/wellness retreats have proven to be life savers for many single/solo travelers and group travel takes vacationing to an entirely different level providing an opportunity for all types to come together for large family socializing, business networking and/or like-minded special interest groups. The chance to broaden your mental horizon by learning, first hand, of other communities and cultures is a priceless opportunity not to be missed in your lifetime.  Find out more information about the benefits of including Travel in your life plan at: The #TravelEffect here!

I wrote a post yesterday about this “Instead” statement on my Tumblr blog which was meant to briefly touch on my disagreeance with the reference made to stop focusing on when to travel.  Apparently, I had a few more feelings that I needed to express about this quote so here I am again.  I realize that maybe, just maybe, I am a little biased when it comes to the subject of #Travel so I also might be a little too sensitive when people don’t get it.  “It” being, the mind changing benefits from #Traveling either domestically or internationally as you discover that life in this world is not just all about you.

Travel for life not to escape you!

Travel for life not to escape you!

Suffice it to say; I believe Travel to be one of the best forms of Education, not only for children but for adults as well so contrary to Mr Seth Godin’s quote, I highly encourage you to “set-up” or create a life that INCLUDES wondering “When and Where to Travel to Next?”  Start or continue planning for your next travel experience, getaway or escape!  Call it whatever you want to, just do it! Plan to #TRAVEL not to escape life, but for life not to escape you!  Life really is too short not to INCLUDE Travel in your life’s plan!!

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