Do You Know What To Do If An Emergency Happens While Traveling?

Oh, #Hurricane Season is in full swing! If you are planning to travel during any of the Hurricane season months, It would be wise to make yourself aware of a few things before you go,….just in case!

I must reiterate; #1: Crap happens when you #Travel too so having a business relationship with a great #TravelAgent (BEFORE you #Travel), who can assist you with most common emergency situation possibilities is a “no-brainer”! Having the ability to contact YOUR personal Travel professional because of a need to adjust your vacay due to a Hurricane or some other #LifeHappened mishap while you are traveling is priceless assistance so be sure to #UseATravelAgent to book your next trip.

Keep Calm_Travel Agent


You can only “Keep Calm and Call YOUR Travel Agent” if you booked your trip with YOUR Travel Professional.  If you didn’t, that’s a big #Oops on your part because now you are on your own! #UseATravelAgent

#2: Travel Insurance! When Emergency Evacuations are implemented, Vacationers who know the true value of including Travel Insurance in their travel budget will be doing a genuine happy dance once they’re safely back at home.  Many policies will reimburse up to varying amounts for some costs surrounding an emergency evacuation such as for trip interruption, trip cancellation, inclement weather and actual emergency evacuation, just to name a few of the host of benefits many travel insurance plans offer.

Going through life with the “Oh, nothing is going to happen” attitude is reserved for those with very deep pocket$ as these folks can pay for whatever happens without blinking an eye.  If you cannot withstand the financial hit from the costs that could occur from an emergency situation while you are traveling or losing money you paid due to having to cancel your trip unexpectedly, be sure to get Travel Insurance when you #Travel.

Know BEFORE you go!  FYI: Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to December 1 every year.

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